Amazon SDE Internship Interview Experience – 3

The article has been submitted by a B. Tech Student. Here he shares his Amazon SDE Internship interview experience.

My name is Mayank Sharma. I am a B.Tech Final year student (Batch 2017-2021) of MNNIT Allahabad pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). I was interviewed by Amazon during campus recruitment for the Software Development Intern (SDE) profile.

How many rounds were there?

There were 2 rounds.

First Round: The first round was an online contest and the duration of the contest was 90 minutes. The contest consists of 10-15 Aptitude questions of varying difficulty, 5 Error removal problems, and 2 Coding questions.

Second Round: It was a technical interview of about one-hour duration.

Tell us about the difficulty level of eac round?

First round: The aptitude questions were of basic quantitative mathematics problems and Error removal problems were all simple C language syntax correction problems. One of the coding questions was an easy 2d-array problem. On the other hand, the other one was a medium level backtracking problem.

Second round: The first question was of medium level Binary Search Tree problem. The second question was a simple but tricky array problem.

Can you tell us some of the questions asked in the interview?

First round:

Q1. Given a matrix with sorted rows and columns and you have to search an element.

Q2. The second question was similar to the rat maze problem (you can find it on GFG). Given a square matrix of order n and we have to reach the destination (x,y) from (0,0) with allowable directions as UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. Here, the backtracking approach will do the work.

Second round:

Q1. Given a binary tree. Check whether it is a BST or not. Also, I was asked to write all possible techniques with different complexities.

Q2. Given an array where the difference between adjacent elements is 1, write a program to search for an element in the array and return the position of the element (return the first occurrence)

How did you prepare for the interview?

Initially, I learned C++ as the programming language and studied data structures and algorithms using book Data structures using C in Depth and youtube videos. Then I used to practice coding on GeeksForGeeks and InterviewBit. I also gave some online contests on HackerEarth, HackerRank, and Codechef. For Aptitude problems, I used IndiaBix and GeeksForGeeks.

What advice would you like to give to students preparing for this interview?

Follow this order of difficulty for coding practice, GeeksForGeeks, InterviewBit, Leetcode. For online tests, use HackerEarth, HackerRank, CodeForces, Codechef in order. For questions on Aptitude, refer to IndiaBix, GeeksForGeeks websites, and Quantitative Aptitude books.

Also, focus on your project and know the tools, concepts used, and future scope of your project, In the end, the only thing that matters is practice on a regular basis. Just two months of regular coding can lead you to your dream company.

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