Amazon SDE Internship Interview Experience – 4

The article has been submitted by a B. Tech Student. Here he shares his Amazon SDE Internship interview experience.

My name is Ashwini Ojha. I am pursuing B. Tech in ECE from MNNIT (2017-2021). Here is my Amazon SDE internship interview experience.

How Many Rounds were there ?

There were 2 rounds in total:

First Round: It was an online round. The duration of the online round was 90 minutes.

Second Round: Last round was the final interview and the interview went for like one hour.

Tell us about the difficulty level of each round?

First Round: Easy

Second Round: Medium

Can you tell us some of the questions asked in the interview?

Online Round:

1. Given a matrix with sorted rows and columns and you have to search an element.

2. The second question was similar to the rat maze problem. Given a square matrix of order n and we have to reach the destination (n-1, n-1) from (0,0) with allowable directions as UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. The backtracking approach will do the work.

Interview Round:

1. Find the intersection point of two linked lists.

2. Find repeating elements from an array using only constant memory space.

3. Find if a BT is BST.

4. Convert a given Tree to its subtree. (Here the interviewer wanted me to write a solution other than what is given on GFG and then he asked to write the corner cases where the algorithm might fail).

How did you prepared for the interview?

I have looked into a lot of resources for interview questions like InterviewBit, GFG, Leetcode and I think a combination of InterviewBit and GFG is sufficient for any product based company.

What advice would you like to give to students preparing for this interview?

1. Don’t get stuck if you are not coming to the solution rather ask for some hints.

2. When the interviewer asks some very straightforward and easy questions, don’t say that you haven’t solved this earlier (if asked) because this creates trust issues. I was caught in this situation and I almost messed up.

3. Go over all the company based question on GFG.

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