Fork Media Creative Manager Interview Experience

This article is submitted by Jyotirmoyee Ghosh. Here she shares her fork media creative manager interview experience.

I have done my studies from Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai, 2018-19, in Film TV and Digital Video Production. I was selected through the college entrance.

How Many Rounds were there?

There were two rounds:

1. Written online exam- It consists of MCQ, which is majorly based on comprehensive English, GK, logical reasoning, etc. 2. Skype interview with the course heads.

Tell us about the difficulty level of each round?

I think both of the rounds were very easy if you know the field you are applying for. For example, in my course, if you know basic GK, basic Bollywood, and Hollywood knowledge you are good to go.

Can you tell us some of the questions asked in the interview?

Some of the questions asked were:

Who was my favorite actor and why Shah Rukh Khan?
What was my favorite movie with him?
Who was the Director of the film that I answered?
And what do I like about that film? It was more of a conversation than an interview.

How did you prepare for the interview?

Honestly, I did not prepare for the written exam or the interview.

What advice would you like to give to students preparing for this interview?

If you are passionate about something, just know WHY you are passionate about it. Know the field you want to get into, explore, dig deeper!

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