How to Prepare for GRE in Two Months

First of all, I believe two months are more than enough to get a decent score in GRE.

If you want to really prepare for GRE in two months you need to lock the dates as soon as possible. Once you finalize the dates your brain knows you have two months. It is an expensive exam, you are under pressure now, you would not want to waste money and so your brain will tell you to start with the preparation. It’s a huge psychological advantage you get once you have locked your dates.

Then comes the preparation. Now you have two months for your GRE preparation. Plan it properly!

Understanding GRE

You need to be clear of the pattern of GRE, the sections in the exam, the type of questions asked. The best source for this is The Official Guide to the GRE General Test by ETS.


In GRE you really need to have a good vocabulary. There will be questions you won’t be able to understand just because of a typical GRE word present in the question. If your vocabulary is not good you would really need to work on it. I would suggest starting with Word Power Made Easy. It’s one book everyone should read in their life. You can easily practice 3–4 sessions daily. The book will help you increase your overall vocabulary.

But there are certain sets of words often repeated in GRE. For that, I’ll suggest you buy Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE. It contains 800 high-frequency GRE words.

Quantitative Reasoning

Looking at the questions of this section, you will realize that this section is not particularly difficult. It’s just that you might need to revise some concepts you studied in your school. I bought 5 Lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems by Manhattan Prep. It is the best GRE Practice Problem book out there. I used to do 40–50 questions daily. This book has around 2000 questions. Solving the questions got me back in practice as well as helped me in my revision of some old concepts. Solving all the questions will fill you with some confidence.

This book has verbal reasoning problems as well. I used to right meanings of every word I didn’t know just above that word. This way I was able to remember a lot of new words. The book has enough reading comprehension questions. Do cover all of them.

Analytical Writing

I didn’t do a lot of practice for this section. But you should definitely focus on this section because a good AWA score helps you get a teaching assistant’s or a research assistant’s job at your university. Read all the essays in 5 Lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems. Practice by writing once a week preferably on a laptop or desktop.

Practice Test

When you give a practice test with a time limit your brain works differently. It is going to be so different on the day of the exam. To help you prepare for that day you should definitely take a lot of practice tests. I suggest one every week. There are 2 free sample tests provided by ETS. You should take those tests in the last week of your preparation because those will give you the actual feel of the exam.

Having done all this in two months, I feel you will easily score 320+ in GRE.

All the best.

Team CollegeHumara!

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