List of Recommended LR and DI books for CAT

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation is one of the hot topics in the CAT exam, considered as the toughest section. Often it is said that the only trick to clear this section is by knowing which question to pick & which to leave. But, even for picking or selecting a question, a student must have a basic understanding of the topic. To hone the skills, here is the list of recommended books for LR & DI.

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation By Trishna

Trishna | LR-DI | College Humara

This book is an ideal preparation resource that will help you gain the necessary skills for cracking one of the toughest competitive examinations—CAT.  The books contain over 3000+ solved examples. Detailed methods are given to solve questions and the book also contains three AIMCATS. Also, the book provides a student with short-tricks to solve questions and the formulas are highlighted.

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma | LR-DI | College Humara

The book gives clear guidance on how to attempt the various types of questions in less time and with more efficiency. It also contains separate sections dealing with Traditional and Logical Data Interpretation. The book familiarized student with all different types of questions asked in CAT and other MBA entrance exam

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation by Nischit Sinha

Nischit Sinha | LR-DI | College Humara

The book will help to make your preparation upgraded, focused, and targeted. The book also has fresh worked-out examples as per the latest pattern for improved practice. It has different levels- Basic, Intermediate & Advanced so that a student can check their preparedness. The book also helps you prepare for other examinations such as the XAT, SNAP, IIFT, IRMA, MAT, NMAT, etc. with the help of model papers and mock tests.

Koncepts of LR- Logical Reasoning by Gajendra Kumar

Gajendra Kumar | LR-DI | College Humara

This book is divided into 21 chapters which provide conceptual inputs along with solved examples followed by exercises in 5 difficulty levels viz. Concept Applicator, concept Builder, concept Cracker, concept Deviator, and Data Sufficiency, with detailed solutions. It has more than 1600+ questions incorporated in the book. Each question has a detailed solution, a feature not available anywhere otherwise. This book serves the purpose for all the aptitude Test takers looking to crack exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, gift & other MBA exams.

LR-DI mantra by Gautam Puri

Gautam Puri | LR-DI | College Humara

GKP’s ‘LR-DI Mantra for CAT’ is going to be your ideal companion in your CAT Exam preparation journey. Prepared diligently by the ‘Aptitude Guru’ Gautam Puri, the book has been written in a lucid style so that students find it easy to follow. A plethora of working exercises has been given after every chapter to polish your learning.

These recommended books for LR & DI will help you in honing the skills required to clear this very important section. Do mention your views about these books in the comment section. We hope these recommended books help you in achieving your target.

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