List of Recommended Quantitative Aptitude books for CAT

Quantitative Aptitude is a key component to unlocking a winning CAT score. Though the component is not considered as the toughest part of the exam it still requires sufficient practice. there are hundreds of books from which a student can practice but do they all offer the same thing? No, there are some books that are helping students in getting CAT-fit by providing them a good mix of questions. Here, are some of the recommended books for quantitative ability.

Quantitative Ability by Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma-Quantitative Aptitude| College Humara

This is one book that every CAT aspirant purchases while preparing for CAT. The book offers a really good mix of questions containing 3 levels- Easy, Medium, Hard. The hints are also provided in the book. it has a sufficient amount of examples to prepare for and the theory part of the book is also equally good.

Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma

Sarvesh Verma-Quantitative Aptitude| College Humara

Quantum CAT – best selling study resource & solution-oriented book for management entrances. The book contains 4000 Fully Solved Problems. More than 300 Concepts are discussed in this book. It also carries shortcut techniques, analytical methods, and an inspirational approach to crack CAT.

Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Nischit Sinha

Nischit Sinha-Quantitative Aptitude| College Humara

Master Number System for CAT and GMAT in its third edition offers in-depth coverage of all the topics related to the number system. The book contains 1000 of solved examples and practice problems. It also has previous year’s questions and it also has 5 full-length mock papers.

Quantitative Aptitude by Dr. R.S Aggarwal

RS Aggarwal-Quantitative Aptitude| College Humara

The book is more comprehensive with more than 5500 questions supported with answers and solutions. Chapters begin with easy-to-grasp theory complemented by formulas and solved examples. They are followed by a wide-ranging number of questions for practice. The book also captures the latest examination patterns as well as questions for practice.

Quantitative Aptitude by Abhijit Guha

Abhijit Guha-Quantitative Aptitude| College Humara

The book covers a wide range of topics and questions at varying levels of difficulty within every topic. The book contains a detailed explanation with good examples. Also, the book contains a lot of challenging problems with solutions at different levels of difficulty have been incorporated according to the new pattern of current competitive examinations.

Many entrance exams these days have this section for judging a candidate’s performance. though it might come naturally to some students, some students really face hard-time in solving such problems. So, we have listed above some of the recommended books of Quantitative Aptitude.

Do mention some of the best books for Quantitative Aptitude in the comment section. If you have already read these recommended books of Quantitative Aptitude, please share your reviews in the comment section

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