List of Startup/Companies founded by IIT Kharagpur Alumni

The nature of success requires ambition, a hard work ethic, inspiration, and motivation. Also, IIT Kharagpur has played a crucial role in mentoring such tech leaders from the country. With an increasing number of youngsters preferring to take up the startup’s journey, IIT Kharagpur across the campus has scaled up their mentorship capabilities to help their alumni to materialize their startup’s dreams. In this article, we will look at some startups by IIT Kharagpur alumni.


policybazaar | CollegeHumara

Policy bazaar is Indian insurance and a global financial technology startup. It provides a digital platform – website and app – where users compare financial services from major insurance companies. Currently, the website offers information to users to help them make informed decisions along with solution-driven customer service.

FOUNDED : 2008

CO-FOUNDER :  Avaneesh Nirjar


tvf | collegehumara

The Viral Fever (TVF) is an online YouTube channel started by TVF Media Labs in 2010, and currently owned and operated by Contagious Online Media Network Private Limited. According to the founder Arunabh Kumar, the thought behind starting TVF was to reach out to the younger generation who seldom watch television entertainment.

FOUNDED : 2010

FOUNDER : Arunabh Kumar


purplle | collegehumara

It is a Best beauty shopping destination to buy cosmetic products, hair products & skincare. It has categories for men, women and electronics as well. Also, lets the user book services at salons and spas for personal care and grooming. As of July 2016, it had a listing of 13.5k+ salons and spas in 10 cities of India.

FOUNDED : 2011

CO-FOUNDER : Suyash Katyayani


TravelTriangle | CollegeHumara

TravelTriangle in an operator of an online marketplace designed to offer personalized holiday packages. The company’s marketplace offers customized and verified national and international trips, enabling travelers to connect with multiple local travel agents which helps them to analyze, plan and manage their trips according to their specific preferences

FOUNDED : 2011

CO-FOUNDER : Sankalp Agarwal


inshorts | collegehumara

It basically provides the users latest and best news from multiple national and international sources. It summarizes them to present in a short and crisp 60 words, personalized in both, English and Hindi. All summarized stories contain only headlines and facts, no opinions, to help you stay informed of the current affairs.

FOUNDED : 2013

CO-FOUNDER : Deepit Purkayastha


greyroute | collegehumara

Gray Routes Technology Pvt. Ltd is a leading provider of location analytics and field automation software. They provide geospatial data and affordable tools for territory and inventory planning, FOS and SFA implementation, serving businesses across sectors by organizing consumer demand, streamlining order aggregation, and providing marketing analytics.

FOUNDED : 2013

CO-FOUNDER : Soubhagya Sahoo


swiggy | CollegeHumara

It is the most recognized startups by IIT Kharagpur alumni. It delivers food and desserts from restaurants to customers under 40 minutes. Its smartphone-equipped delivery personnel provides deliveries to customers through an app powered by routing algorithms. Customers can track their food orders in real-time.

FOUNDED : 2014

FOUNDED : Rahul Jaimini


locus | collegehumara is a global logistics optimization platform. It uses deep learning and proprietary algorithms to provide route optimization, real-time tracking, insights and analytics, beat optimization, warehouse management, vehicle allocation and utilization, intuitive 3D or bin packing and measurement of packages.

FOUNDED : 2015

CO-FOUNDER : Geet Garg


rapido | collegehumara

It is an Indian online bike and taxi aggregator. Provides safety gear to riders. Bike owners who are willing to share a bike ride can list themselves on the platform and earn money. Charging users at INR 5 per km with a base fare of INR 10. Riders can pay by cash or use digital wallets to pay the fare.

FOUNDED : 2015

CO-FOUNDER : Pavan Guntupalli


letstransport | collegehumara

The developer of an online logistics application intended to provide inter-city services for businesses and consumers. The company’s application offers real-time tracking technology through a user-friendly interface and also helps users to get access to drivers directly from their mobile phones, thereby enabling businesses to automate their logistics processes as well as monitor and manage their delivery.

FOUNDED : 2015

FOUNDER : Pushkar Singh, Sudarshan Ravi, and Ankit Parasher,


smallcase | collegehumara

They build platforms & investment products to invest better in Indian equities. A smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs weighted intelligently to reflect an idea.

FOUNDED : 2015

FOUNDERS : Vasanth Kamath, Anugrah Shrivastava and Rohan Gupta


blackbuck | collegehumara

It is an inter-city logistics and supply chain. Offers an app connecting shippers with truckload carriers. Also, the app can be used to buy insurance for the goods being transported. It’s GPS based freight management system comes with features like track and trace, truck mapping, verifications, professional account management practices, and checking the health and condition of the truck.

FOUNDED : 2015

FOUNDER : Rajesh Yabaji


udaan | collegehumara

It is making businesses fairly easy in India and it is about making B2B commerce convenient and efficient. they are designed specifically for small & medium businesses in India. It brings traders, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers in India on to a single platform.

FOUNDED : 2016

CO-FOUNDER : Amod Malviya


shifu | collegehumara

Shifu provides Augmented Reality based learning games for kids aged 2-6 years. It is integrated with an app on tablets or smartphones. The app scans for the Shifu cards and launches different learning games such as Safari – to learn about animals, travel – to learn about transportation, and Jobs- to learn about different occupations.

FOUNDED : 2016

CO-FOUNDER : Dinesh Advani

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Startup by IIT Kharagpur alumni has set up a great example for all of us.

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