Our Story

It was December and there was confusion regarding the date of our convocation. With one date doing the round, one close friend of mine booked his ticket but later the confirmed dates differed. He chose not to shift the dates and completed his itinerary as planned. He met me and one other friend, visited his home and returned to his working city. Days later, this other friend and I attended the graduation ceremony.

Why did I tell you this story is to show you something important. Continue.

One evening later in the month, to be precise four days, amidst conversation we confided amongst ourselves that we were actually frustrated with our respective jobs and professional life the way it was leading. We laughed thinking how half a year back we believed our life was settled. And now, how wrong were we! With this thought, we decided to play the game. And so the dice rolled to usher a change.

There comes points in life where you need to take a decision basis the available choices. And these are the game changers of your life. Now what if, you think you have to decide from A, B and C and you happily chose one. But actually you never knew the choices were from A to Z.

You think you have chosen the best because you never get to know there was something better existing.

We have been through the same phase and sometimes, we do regret the choices that we took due to the same reason. We don’t want the same to happen to those, who are yet to embark on their journeys for a better future through quality education from the elite colleges the country possess.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

You know your true potential and dream the things that you deserve in life. But eventually, you do not always end with what you dream and deserve. There are situations when you do not have enough options but still need to choose one which will prove a decisive role in your life no matter what. This is where we want to be a part of your life. To make things understandable, we want to help you with all the details and so that you can choose the best amongst those stars if you missed the moon.

But what makes us different is just a small story but nonetheless important. You see, there are a lot of websites and blogs that try to do the same but we intend to provide you only the requisite details in due course of time. We want to make you work harder, to make one of these your home for a part of your lives. If this wasn’t what we wanted, believe me we would’ve started career counselling in education fairs.

We are dedicated to the cause and will always be. We want a better future for everyone and that’s how our country will become smart. By installing wi-fi, introducing rapid transport, or providing 24*7 water and electricity won’t transform this country; it will change when everyone becomes a part of this developing society.