Recommended books for Operations Management

Resourceful companies today must successfully manage the entire supply flow, from the sources of the firm, through the value-added processes of the firm, and on to the customers of the firm. Establishing a competitive advantage through operations requires an understanding of how the operations and supply chain functions con-tribute to productivity growth. Here is the list of recommended books for Operations management.

Operations & Supply chain management (F. Robert, Jacobs Richard, B. Chase)

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The book provides well-balanced coverage of managing people and applying sophisticated technology to operations and supply chain management. Majorly, the book focuses on four essential core areas-strategy, process management, supply chain management, and inventory and control

Contemporary Project Management (Timothy J. Kloppenborg )

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The book’s focused approach is ideal for building strong portfolios that showcase project management skills for future interviews. Designed for upper-level undergraduate and MBA-level programs. It helps students practice manual techniques to ensure that they fully grasp the principles behind the methods before learning to use Microsoft Project to complete tasks.

Designing and Managing the Supply Chain (David-Simchi-Levi, Philip Kaminsky)

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The book provides state-of-the-art models, concepts, and solution methods that are important for the design, control, operation, and management of supply chain systems. Each chapter utilizes case studies and examples to illustrate the concepts. While the structure and philosophy of the earlier editions are kept intact, the authors place increasing importance on finding or developing effective frameworks that illustrate many important supply chain issues in this book.

Project Management – The Managerial Process (Clifford F. Gray and Erik W. Larson)

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This is the market-leading textbook on the subject, Project Management. The Managerial Process is distinguished by its balanced treatment of both the technical and behavioral issues in project management. The book also focuses on how project management is integral to the organization as a whole.

These recommended books of Operations Management help to answers the queries on scheduling the project, when to order the inventory and how much to order, lead time, forecasting, material requirement planning, and various operations related terms.

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