Royal Bank of Scotland Customer Service & Operations Analyst interview experience

This article is submitted by a BA graduate from the University of Delhi. Here he shares his Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) customer service & operation analyst interview experience.

My name is Chirag Gur. I was a student of the BA program at PGDAV College of University of Delhi and had passed out in 2017. My first attempt at the interview was with Concentrix Daksh India Pvt. Ltd. And now recently I have appeared for the interview at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Both the attempts were for job purposes and both were successful.

How many rounds were there?

There were Three Rounds

First Round – It was with the HR Manager. This round consists of your basic introduction and discussion of your salary structure.

Second Round – It consists of Aptitude test, where they test your capability and suitability for the role which they are offering to you. This differs for different organizations. But, basic English, Maths and Reasoning Ability is always tested.

Third and Final Round – It is with the Operational Manager where they ask your interest for the job and rest all the things related to your studies, your college, and your personal life also basically they always try to check your confidence level and how you react and different situations.

Tell us about the difficulty level of each round?

All the rounds were normal, although, it depends on the individual how he or she reacts under different situations.

Can you tell us some of the questions asked in the interview?

Some of the questions asked were:

  • Tell me something about yourself,
  • Why Do you want to join this organization,
  • Where do you see yourself five years from now,
  • What are your Hobbies,
  • What is your daily routine,
  • Tell me something about your family and Friends.

How did you prepare for the interview?

To raise your confidence level read English newspapers, watch English cinema, talk to your colleagues in English and take help from different YouTube channels for preparing for your interviews. Most importantly, always be yourself and also don’t portray yourself to be someone else. The person sitting in front of you is very smart and experienced.

What advice would you like to give to students preparing for this interview?

Always be yourself and be confident.

We hope you found this Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) customer service & operation analyst interview experience useful. Do check more interview experiences or submit your interview experience on our website. Finally, Good luck from Team CollegeHumara!

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